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SSGC - March meeting

  • 21 Mar 2018
  • 7:00 PM - 9:30 PM
  • St. Mark's Anglican Church, 12953-20 Ave., Surrey
SSGC - March meeting

Our March speaker is James Spears, Master Gardener.

Topic - The Kitsilano Kitchen Garden:  a 12 month larder.

James Spears  T:  604.764.9615

Qualified Master Gardener (Vancouver MG)


I love talking about veggies. Like many gardeners I find it difficult to not talk about veggies after 40+ years of gardening. Past career paths: 

  taught multimedia and photography in two universities (Caracas and Washington, DC);

  newspaper columnist in the 70s, had a CBC radio spot (movie critic)  for two years;

  as a lawyer, taught or led roughly 50 legal education events;

  after retirement from law, the topics happily changed to vegetable gardening.  


Like many lawyers, I am skilled in appearing to know what I am doing! Past gardening topics have included: 

  Minestrone Soup reverse engineered:  

All ingredients grown in a Kitsilano kitchen garden: From soup back to seed.

  Year-Round Harvest in Your Urban Garden

Kitchen gardens are more than June to September: greenhouse or food dryer?

  Perennial Herbs --Common and Uncommon

Arugula 10 months a year, and 20 other easy herbs. Bonus: Annual herbs.

  Le Potager:  The Kitchen garden:  菜园/菜園

Cross-cultural kitchen gardens:  French and Chinese love of fresh food.

  The Kitsilano Kitchen Garden:  a 12-month larder

Slightly more technical, for avid gardeners and MGs.

  First steps in the kitchen garden

  Preparing the garden for fall and winter


I have harvested from my 33-ft wide Kitsilano garden insufficient amounts of Spanish saffron, wasabi, olives , Kiwi fruit, and too much of the following:   

mint, arugula, runner beans, peas, lovage, Jerusalem artichoke, plain old artichoke,  cabbage, figs, chives, yellow beans, tomatoes, onions, chard, lettuce, dai kon,  onion, peppers,  grapes, Italian parsley, mizuna and mibuna greens, dill, garlic and regular chives, winter savoury, thyme, myrtle, potatoes, eggplant, italian parsley, leek, radish, brussels sprouts, carrot, garlic, beet, cuke and zuchinni, French and dry-style beans, winter or perennial arugula, kale, leeks, cilantro, dai kon, wild celery (par-cel) , potato, raspberries, sorrel, salad burnet, rue, red sage, blue sage, pineapple sage,  rosemary, curry plant, chives, nasturtium (to eat) and seeds (to pickle), oregano, marjoram, Cuban oregano and a few herbs or veggies that I have forgotten.

I save seeds. I eat ripe tomatoes in early June (from a hoop enclosure). I grew corn, many ears* ago, on a Langley acre, where I persuaded my wife to marry me serving her popcorn from my garden.   

* a corny joke

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